Sarah Baltazar

Sarah Baltazar began her dance training at the tender age of three in the small town of Boulder City, NV. She graduated as a dance major from Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts, and began her dance career in both teaching and performing. Sarah danced for Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA from 2013-2017 before moving to the Pacific Northwest. She currently teaches Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, and Contemporary for multiple studios in the Portland and Vancouver areas, and truly loves working with all ages of dancers who share the love of this craft.

Chelsea Beyer

Chelsea Beyer has been dancing at EDA since she was 3, training in every type of dance she could and competing on Evergreens competition team. Not only does she currently take ballet at Evergreen, she also dances at her school, Vancouver School of Arts and Academics. EDA is like a second home for Chelsea and she wouldn’t choose any other place to spend her time and watch her students grow. She has been teaching at EDA for 4 years. 

Jackie Genis 

Jackie grew up in Seattle and began dancing at age 7. She received her classical ballet training and performing experience with Pacific Northwest Ballet on full scholarship under the direction of Janet Reed, Melissa Hayden, and Kent Stowell & Francia Russell. After leaving dance to start a family, earn a Bachelor of Science in Journalism, and a CPRW credential in resume writing, Jackie returned to dance in 2008 and quickly found renewed joy in her deep connection to the art form. Jackie’s teaching journey began in 2021 in Camas at Virtuosity Performing Arts Studio. In July 2022, she joined Evergreen Dance Academy. In September 2023, Jackie also joined the Pre-Ballet faculty at Oregon Ballet Theatre. Her dedication led to performing again and a chance to engage her choreographic skills on three of her EDA students for a Poetry Moves celebration in collaboration with Artstra at Magenta Theatre. Jackie’s instruction is continually evolving. She adores each one of her students, as watching them bloom as dancers is joyous. 

Allie Moscarelli, Yoga Instructor

Allie has been practicing and teaching beginner-advanced level Traditional Hatha and Therapeutic Yoga for nearly two decades. 

Allie works with adults and kids from a variety of backgrounds in public and private settings, from high performance athletes to individuals graduating from Physical Therapy. For the past several years, Allie’s sessions have been geared toward patients of medical providers for the purpose of restoring the normal function of nerves, muscles, and the skeletal system. Training with Allie means getting personalized attention to correct alignment problems while moving out of a pain state due to chronic medical conditions or injuries.  Her regular clients have regained or developed a life condition of thriving health and wellbeing using a proven, systematic movement strategy based in Yoga Therapy techniques with science-based pilates principles. This training is easily geared towards fitness enthusiasts and Yoga practitioners of all levels for healing the body and skyrocketing the benefits of an existing fitness routine with personalized neuromuscular re-education sessions. Includes re-education in movement, balance, coordination, kinesthetic sense, posture, spinal health, flexibility, nervous system regulation, and proprioception.

After years of training in India and the United States with highly regarded yoga teachers of various lineages, physiologists, doctors, chiropractors, yoga therapists, and spiritual coaches, Allie offers biomechanics-based training and techniques for nervous system regulation—so her clients can change any stress or imbalance into a springboard for progress by way of optimizing the vehicle of the mind-body system.