I have registered for dance classes, now what?

You will be contacted via email confirming your child’s placement in the class. The first month’s tuition payment (including any applicable registration fees) will be due on the first day of class, except for Summer session in which the first month is due upon registration. New students who join mid-month will be pro-rated for that month. A registration fee of $35 ($50 family) will be added to the first month’s tuition if you are a new customer or an existing customer that has taken more than a 3 month break from EDA.  Tuition will be billed via an emailed invoice on the first of each month.  Payment is due upon receipt and is payable online through the link on the invoice.  Tuition is based on the weekly time each student dances over a 10-month period (September-June), not on individual months. Allowances have been made for holidays in the tuition schedule. If a student misses a class or classes they are welcome to make-up the classes within a 3 month period.  Students must be currently enrolled to attend make-up classes. No refunds will be given for missed classes. (see tuition chart on our tuition page).

Where and what do I buy for my child to be ready for class?

Please refer to our dance class descriptions page for the uniform associated with your child’s class. All shoes and attire can be purchased at The Leotard in Portland, The Competitive Edge in Vancouver, WalMart, or Target. 

Are there performing opportunities at EDA?

Yes, we have 3 different performing opportunities throughout our season. We have an in-studio holiday-themed recital the week before winter break, and a larger June recital performed at the Camas High School Theater. There is also an opportunity to perform with Vancouver Dance Theatre in their Nutcracker.  All rehearsals and auditions will be at Evergreen Dance Academy studios. Please check out their website for audition and show dates.

What if I want to cancel my classes at EDA?

Please submit your cancellation in writing to info@evergreendanceacademy.com. No refunds will be given within the month of cancellation. 

I paid my registration fee last season, do I have to pay it again?

All existing students and previous students who have taken less than a 3 month break from EDA do not have to pay another registration fee. All previous students who have taken more than a 3 month break or new students must pay the $35 ($50 family) registration fee.