Dance Class Registration and Tuition Policies:

After completing the registration form, you will be contacted via email regarding your child’s placement in class(es). The first month’s tuition payment (including any applicable registration fees) will be due the 1st day of the month. New students who join mid-month will be pro-rated for that month. A one time registration fee of $35 ($50 family) will be added to the first month’s tuition if you are a new customer or an existing customer that has taken more than a 3-month break.  You will be invoiced via email on the first of every month for that month’s tuition. Payment should be made online upon receipt of an invoice. Tuition is based on the weekly time each student dances over a 10-month period (September-June), not on individual months. Allowances have been made for holidays in the tuition schedule. If a student misses a class or classes they are welcome to make-up the classes within a 3 month period. Make-up classes are only allowed during months that a student is enrolled. No refunds will be given for missed classes.



Dance Class Tuition-Monthly


  45 min./week $85  
  60 min./week $100  
  75 min./week $120  
  90 min. /week $140  
  2 hours/week $170  
  2.5 hours/week $200  
  3.0 hours/week $230  
  4 hours/week $290  
  4.5 hours/week $320  
  5 hours/week $350  
  5.5 hours/week $380  
  Unlimited $410  

  Drop-in rates/Private lessons



Single Class Drop-In: $30/hour 

Private Class: $95/hour